T-Mobile Network Down from Cyber Attack

T-Mobile Cellular Coverage Out from a Cyber Attack

During the mid afternoon of May 8th 2018 you might have experienced a sudden outage of your phone network.

You might have tried to twinkle around in your settings or even attempt to factory reset your phone but of no success. Your last attempt is to seek professional help at a local T-Mobile store only to find that there is a line out the door of your local T-Mobile retail store with a rep shouting:

“Your phone is ok. T-mobile network will be up by the end of the day!”

You wonder. Really what just happened…

tmobile coverage down


Yes. T Mobile has suffered a nation wide outage of coverage.  Was it a cyber attack? T-mobile has not confirmed this news yet but also multiple reportings of small businesses has had their email accounts hacked.  Several small business hacked emails were sending out emails to their clients lists in attempt to retrieve their google email account and passwords.

How do I know this?

I had fallen victim to this scheme. As a business owner who depend heavily on mobile network data to work in the SEO & tech industry, we cannot have interruption. Below is a documented progress of how the hack have happened with screenshots from the attempt to duplicate the attack. My name is Johnny Chen, to view a profile of what I do click here <—-

Unfortunately I cannot get the screenshot of the browser where the funnel leads to provide you guys where the cyber attack culprit asks for your email and password disguised as “enter your google account to download this file”.

Here is an attachment of email sent from my CPA that was hacked.  It is an email asking me to “please see attachment to review the document”.  Of no alarm, I opened the email because my CPA is currently working on my e-commerce tax filings.

Then another screen from “drop box” opened up asking me to choose an account to login to download the attachment to my dropbox.

This is where one should be more vigilant because drop box was never linked to google accounts like this and has never asked any files to be downloaded into the dropbox from email.


Aha! The next screen is where the attackers ask you to enter either your gmail, yahoo, or any other email accounts you have to login that requires you to put in your username and password.

This is where they steal your login information.

Unfortunately as I come back to reproduce the same funnel that screen was removed and instead this screen was revealed.

Now this might just be any screen the attacker put up but who knows.  We are just simple citizens who need to work and make a living.

You know you had fallen victim to this attack when you suddently get this CRITICAL ALERT from GOOGLE telling you someone just tried to login with suspicious activity from another source of origin.


Now how is T-Mobile related to this?

All of our connectivity is linked.

A cyber attack is released to follow strings of codes and networks, which is followed from the hacked small business emails, which sends out mass emails to its clients lists, which we opened, which our emails had been linked to T-Mobile, now T-Mobile servers are also affected by it.

This article is generated no later than 3 hours of the attack at 4:14pm Central Time date of the attack May 8th 2018.

Hopefully more news will be released soon.




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