We Stop Adwords Click Fraud.  No More Pay Per Click Fraud.

There are currently “bots” and “click farms” sent by Google to click on your Adwords or “PPC” ads.

Also, when you have setup your Adwords PPC campaign, you would have defined your local market area to only target the city or the zip codes such as “Houston”, “Woodlands”, or “77056”.
Well, Google ignores that too and then show you false data.

What this means is that you are paying for Adwords that is completely outside of your market.  And Google is doing it on purpose.
The statistics is 50% – 80% on all of your campaigns which is large enough that you need to pay attention to.

This is Click Fraud.
And we can help you.

We can block those bad traffic for you.  Only allowing real human traffic that is in your city and zip code to visit your website.

You will no longer have to pay for the Ads sent from the UK or Asia.


Real Case Study

Below data shows a local Cincinnati dentist only targeting paid Adwords in Cincinnati.
And, he is paying for clicks coming from France, China, and Germany.

Here it shows that even though he is targeting only in Cincinnati, he is having to pay for traffic outside of his city all around Ohio.

Tracked clicks in Cincinnati = 4
Tracked clicks outside of Cincinnati = 69
Total clicks Google charged = 73

No one 200 miles away from Cincinnati is going to visit his local dentist clinic.

Only robots can click on your ads and visit your website for 0.00 minutes.
And unfortunately, Google makes you pay for it.

At Johnny Chen SEO, we have the ability to track your traffic via PHP & domain server level, no data is lost or “hidden.”

At Google Analytics, they track their traffic via javascript which:
1.  Can be blocked by blockers such as Ad Blockers and uBlock.
2.  Cannot be detected when browsing in private or incognito mode.
3.  Also, Google hides their data information dramatically.  Yes, they literally “sample” their data to show you false information.

We can even track by specific brand and model smartphone your visitors use.
Unlike Google, We can show you all real data without any sampling.

Stop losing 50-80% of your advertising dollars to Click Fraud.

At Johnny Chen SEO, we specialize in Organic Search Engine Optimization and Real Data Traffic Tracking.
We can help you.  We can show you how to stop Click Fraud and bring you traffic of real buyers.

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