Texas SEO Company opens a Houston New Public Relations Division.

Johnny Chen

Johnny Chen SEO, a leading search engine marketing and internet marketing company, has announced its new division Public Relations opening in Houston. The Houston SEO company was built to go above and beyond and deliver effective results to their clients. With their specialized team of public relations experts, SEO strategists, visual detail designers, social media marketers, conversion optimization specialists, and coders, the company is set to help Houston local businesses beat their competitors on search engines and drive more sales.

Digital PR is an effective strategy for increasing brand awareness. It is usually done via various online methods. While it shares some similarities with traditional PR, it has a broader audience reach that otherwise won’t be possible with only offline methods. For it to be more effective, other internet-based strategies like content marketing, SEO, and social media are combined with it. It has been proven beyond doubt that digital PR is a powerful strategy that can improve a brand’s online presence and visibility.

Johnny Chen SEO

In today’s world, a strong online presence is vital for any business that wants to be successful. Any business, no matter the size or whether it has been around for a long time or just starting, can immensely benefit from the services of a reputable public relations and SEO company. They are capable of making a great impact on a brand’s visibility and helping them generate massive traffic to their client’s business website. With more traffic comes more leads that can result in huge sales and more profit and exponential business growth. Johnny Chen SEO and his team of experts have proven successful track records. They are ready to deploy their combined experience and tools to help businesses in Houston grow and improve their bottom-line.

Presently, Google is the largest search engine. Ranking business’ website on the top spot of Google search engine results page (SERP) means huge traffic. Building brand awareness for your company is also key to achieving great success. A public relations and SEO company will help build brand awareness, increase online visibility, drive traffic and sales to your business.

Johnny Chen SEO, the Houston SEO Company, has been very well received by clients. A customer by the name Angi Lewis, Owner at Angi Lewis Photography states, “I’ve been incredibly impressed with Johnny. After making the decision to utilize his services, I’m already seeing great results. He is incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly. He has a great way of explaining complex matters in very simple, easy to understand terms. He is exceptionally responsive and personable. I highly recommend him for any SEO needs.”

Online Public Relations and SEO have proven to be one of the best investments any business can make in this digital era. Both can increase online visibility and attract more customers. A lot of businesses are already taking advantage of the benefits of SEO. Businesses looking for Houston SEO company to help them grow are encouraged to take advantage of Johnny Chen SEO’s online marketing strategies.

Johnny Chen SEO Search Engine Marketing is a leading internet marketing company built to over-deliver for every client it accepts. They have developed a specialized team of SEO strategists, visual detail designers, social media marketers, conversion optimization specialists, and coders. By always pushing the envelope towards developing new methods, they have found success where others have failed. Johnny Chen SEO, who is run by President and COO, Johnny Chen, is about being transparent with customers and achieving results. They excel at delivering substantial value for their clients and promise professional services backed by results.

Johnny Chen is an internet entrepreneur by trade and has been grinding the digital media marketing industry since 2013. He has been working deep in deciphering Google advertising starting with Pay Per Click advertising. Throughout the years of transition and market changes, he has moved towards organic Search Engine Optimization as he sees that organic traffic has consistently produced results up to his expectations.