Johnny Chen SEO Explains the Power of Internet PR Marketing

When it comes to SEO, what really matters is the result. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve invested in your marketing or SEO agency if the results fall flat. In that case, you have just wasted a lot of dollars to no avail – no traffic, no short-term customers, and no long-lasting effect on anyone who has seen your site. With Johnny Chen SEO, you experience the opposite.

Johnny Chen SEO is an internet marketing company based in Houston, Texas. It was founded by Johnny Chen in 2013 and he acts as both the President and the COO. Chen has long been an internet entrepreneur and he is famous for his knowledge and expertise in the field of internet advertising. He is applauded for his Google and Pay-Per-Click advertising skills for more than half a decade.

Johnny Chen’s expertise has paved the way for him to create his own company. Named after his name, Johnny Chen SEO has its own ingredient for success. It balances great clients, organic traffic strategies, and transparency. All these three factors make up the company’s success up to this day.

First, Johnny Chen SEO focuses on businesses that are already up and running. The company looks for clients who are already stable and are looking for a way to increase their customer pool. However, this is not enough. Johnny Chen SEO looks for clients who not just have a significant customer pool, but also those who have stable customers. In other words, the client should be making enough money.

Why the consideration of the client’s sales? While one of the ways to increase sales is through SEO, Johnny Chen’s company believes that in order for internet marketing to work, the company should have a sound understanding of how marketing plays in their overall business revenue. Without this, getting into SEO, pay-per-click ads, and the like will be a difficult thing to do.

Johnny Chen SEO only picks clients that have honest reputations. At the end of the day, even if there’s a ton of traffic on your site, it all comes down with your credibility and ability to deliver. All of this will be for naught if the client has no capacity to expand their reach.

Secondly, Johnny Chen SEO believes in organic traffic strategies. While pay-per-click ads are a great way to get traffic, they are not for the long term. The same goes for ads you place on social media.

Ads placed on the search engine results page (SERP) and social media almost always feel like reminders for people who are not exactly looking for something. Instead, when they pass by those ads, it makes them feel like “Oh, I might need this in the future” or “This is interesting, let’s have a look”. While this is exactly the reaction businesses look for when they post ads, these ads are not for the long run simply because the ads were not targeted for people who are looking for a specific product or service.

On the other hand, Johnny Chen SEO believes in organic traffic strategies because they produce long-term results. In fact, it is the best way to build traffic on anyone’s website. Yes, they take a long while for a company to achieve but they give the best sustaining results.

Organic traffic refers to traffic that comes from a website’s search engine efforts. These efforts include the company’s SERP rankings, relevance, and repeated appearance in several search keywords.

For Johnny Chen SEO, building organic traffic is more important than any other paid ads. This is why they are also looking for clients who both have the time and resources to go through the whole organic traffic building. Organic traffic takes time and results don’t arrive overnight. It is important for to clients know this so that they can manage their expectations. However, when done right, organic traffic has a number of benefits and the most important benefit any company will get is targeted traffic.

Targeted traffic means that the people who will end up on your website are not those who just thought about exploring your products or services. Instead, they are those who are already looking for your product or service. They are the ones who need what the business offers. This is why the use of keywords is highly important. Without the connection with keywords, a client’s page might not be present on the SERP. If ever, they could be found on the 3rd, 4th, 5th pages, and that is not the place any company wants.

Johnny Chen SEO takes pride in their skill in building organic traffic for its clients. With Johnny Chen in their lead, the company offers results to all their clients especially if the latter’s focus is on building organic traffic. For Johnny Chen, keywords are just one part of creating organic traffic. There are also websites and content.

When it comes to a website, Google takes into account how easy it is to use the company’s website. It looks into the user interface and user experience as part of its criteria in ranking the website. To add to that, there should also be links to relevant websites. However, customers do not need to have links to their competitors, rather, they should have links on sites that are relevant and can complement the content on their website.

Clients should keep in mind that website-building is more than just flooding the site with several links. These links should be strategically placed and used to make it more natural-sounding for the visitor of the site. Moreover, those links should also contain credible and relevant information and not just a link filler.

On the other hand, content should also make up a website. If the website is the structure, the content is the furniture. This means that a company’s website should contain relevant content that uses relevant keywords as well. Using those keywords in the content will help Google identify that the site contains the needed information looked for by people on the search engine. Therefore, the more relevant content there is, the more credible the site becomes. This ultimately bumps up the rankings on the SERP.

To complete Johnny Chen SEO’s success formula, there is transparency. Johnny Chen believes that one way to build a successful partnership, product, or service is through having transparency with the clients. The company itself makes its strategy known to its clients and makes sure the thought process is understood. This will help the client understand the needs of their website and the impact of the strategies done by Johnny Chen’s team.

Without transparency, there will be a lot of misunderstanding and wrong expectations for both parties. Johnny Chen SEO believes that it is important to get the client involved in the early stages of the strategy so the right expectations are set and the checkpoints are agreed upon. This kind of transparency is not always present in other companies which is why some clients fall out of their original contracts.

With Johnny Chen SEO, this will not be a problem as transparency is at the forefront of their operations. However, the company also expects the same form of transparency from their clients. The company believes that for every project, it is not just Johnny Chen SEO working – it also needs the support and information the client can provide. Without those, SEO strategies can fall loose.

To summarize, Johnny Chen SEO’s formula for success is not rocket science. In fact, those are just basic principles highlighted in the company’s mission. With the right clients, a focus on organic traffic, and increased transparency, Johnny Chen SEO can deliver results all their clients are looking for. While other SEO companies fall short of these goals, Johnny Chen SEO makes sure that long-term success is being chased while simultaneously ticking off short-term goals.

A big part of the company’s success is, of course, the actual execution of Johnny Chen’s team and the client’s goals. It is essential for both the company and client to have the same goal – which is to increase organic traffic to increase business profit. If this is not the same goal, then clients may have to rethink the reason why they are getting into SEO. Since the main purpose of SEO is to build a wider market reach and to increase repeat customers, the client should understand that this does not happen overnight. Nonetheless, this is further discussed by Johnny Chen’s team during the initial consultations.

At the end of the day, businesses strive because they have enough money to keep the business running. If the company’s financials have not gotten this right yet, then this might not be for you. Johnny Chen SEO understands that a sound financial statement should be a requirement to be able to succeed in building organic traffic online. Without the right and enough resources, clients may have to pull out of their online marketing strategies because of limitations in their budget. Again, Johnny Chen SEO only gets clients who are already active and healthy in their business journey.