Houston Pay Per Click

Charlie Phan

SEM/PPC Specialist

Charlie is a certified paid search consultant specializing in paid search, display ads, and Google Analytics. His experience in bespoke paid search campaigns has generated impressive results and his keen to understanding the niche demographics of each business has cultivated his success. Charlie is currently a certified Google Partner and is an expert on Search Engine Marketing.

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  • Search Engine Marketing

Are your paid search campaigns working? Is it legitimately generating leads, increasing sales, and overall performing? Pay per click advertising can be tricky. Often, it is simplified by others to make you believe it’s all about creating ads and monitoring keywords. However, it is so much more.

  • Google Adwords

As an affiliated Google Partner, we take a creative approach, utilizing business strategy to custom tailor a paid search campaign for your company.
  • Paid Search Advertising

Our specialists here have a rooted understanding of creating and managing digital advertising campaigns that generate ROI. We know no two businesses are alike. And we treat each campaign as if it were our own.
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