Gaining Potential Client Trust using Semrush in 3 minutes.

As an SEO professional, when a potential client ask me, “why should we use SEO, what’s it gonna do for me, and how much do you charge?”  Often times, many SEO Professionals simply spell out their credentials that have absolutely no relevance with the potential client.  Lets be honest here, your potential client doesn’t want to hear you brag.  He wants to see if he even wants to give you another chance to speak with him more.

This is what I always say, “Well I can give you answers to those questions accurately if you would allow me a few minutes of your time.  Do you have 3 minutes?”

Almost all of the time the answer is yes (micro-commitment and soft close).

Most SEO Agencies would then schedule a meeting or have a sit down but what if that potential client is just curious and skeptical because he’s not that internet savvy.  What I do instead is I quickly go to Semrush and I find something valuable for that potential client.  Why? I want to give first.  Giving is the ultimate winning because it always comes back to you.

By the way, you can do this all on your cellphone using Semrush.  Yes.  I mean it.

I would jump straight into Semrush and see what the potential client’s website is currently ranking at by simply plugging their website URL into the domain overview.

Texas Direct Auto Johnny Chen SEO
Great! Using Texas Direct Auto as an example here shows that Texas Direct Auto is ranked #1 on its brand name keywords.  Not surprised at all.  But what I am about to show you next is simple yet effective in showing what they are really missing out on very quickly.  We will sort the keyword terms by volume.  Then we will exclude the terms that are in their brand name such as “direct” and include a new terms such as “houston.”  Voila, now we have keywords that Texas Direct Auto currently has some rankings, high volume, and not their brand name.


Johnny chen seo texas direct auto

Here is my 4 second pitch.  It is extremely powerful and it is directly related to the potential client’s business with data that he has never seen before that we have in our hands and we can also back up (Using the new updated Google Keyword Planner).

Counting 1, 2, 3, 4. Done.

“Mr. Texas Direct Auto, currently there are 3,600 people searching for “cars for sale in houston” every month, and your website is all the way back on page 10, no one on Google looks past the first page or two, do you think that if I get you onto page 1 just for that “term” you would make a whole lot more money?”

The answer is… drumroll… “YES.”   It is always yes.

Now, This only gets the conversation started but you got your potential client’s attention and he trusts you enough to let you have another 10 minutes or so.  Hope this short read has been helpful.

Another episode of SEO 3 Minute Tips will follow with Creating a Google Adwords Campaign to get accurate keyword planner search volume data.

Google Keyword Planner Search Volume