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    Our Search Engine Optimization services will drive more customers to your website, products, and services than any other online marketing tool.

    Highest Search Volume

    We aim for the toughest keywords with the highest search volume. Why? Because we want you to acquire the most customers and make the most money.

    Done in House

    No cutting corners, tricks, or outsourcing.  All work is performed in-house by our team of marketing experts.

    Detailed Reporting

    We send daily progress and reporting to keep you involved in the battles of internet Search Engine Marketing to make you aware of any changes in the industry.

    Organic SEO Stays

    We service healthy organic SEO that stays throughout the test of time.  Paid advertising disappears as soon as you stop paying.  SEO keeps on bringing you traffic once it is built.

    Your SEO Expert in Austin

    As you set up your business website, it is important to take SEO into account. SEO refers to Search engine optimization and it is a necessity for every webmaster to comprehend the meaning of SEO as well as the potential benefits it offers for every business.

    SEO is simply a framework with a set of rules, stages and controls which, when followed by a website will work to optimize the site by improving their search engine rankings and overall traffic to the website. Search engines include Bing, Google, Yahoo and others. SEO works by increasing the visibility of your business’ web page and attracting more visitors and traffic to you.

    This can be simply explained as follows; when a user does a content search on Google or any other search engine, a list of relevant site or blogs is displayed. The order in which the website or blogs are shown is usually not for sale but is based on complex algorithms. These complex algorithms consider several factors which then determine which website comes first and which comes last in a matter of seconds.

    Therefore, having your website optimized for search engines gives your company an advantage over any other non-optimized sites with similar content. This technique is not simple and therefore requires the use of an SEO agency with the adequate experience and resources to optimize your website and Johnny Chen SEO has the proven results and the experiences to take your Austin SEO local market to the next level.

    Why Is SEO Important To Your Business Today?
    • Having your site among the top five suggestions on the results page of any search engine increases your chances of getting more customers to your site. This is because the majority of search engine users are most likely to choose one of the top five site suggestions on the search engine’s results page.
    • SEO sites make more sales and profits in general. These sites, therefore, have a competitive edge as compared to websites which are not search engine optimized.
    • Good SEO practices make sites more user- friendly and also easy and fast to navigate thus increasing the quality of a website.
    • Users generally trust their search engines and being among the first sites encountered during a search makes your site more trustworthy to a visitor.
    • More traffic means more business. When a bigger number of users encounter your services or products, they are more likely to endorse you on social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Therefore SEO is a perfect tool for social promotion of your web site.
    • SEO is useful in the running of big websites. For a site with more than one author, SEO works to increase search engine traffic and by having a common framework, any information can be viewed and reviewed by all others before being published on the site.
    Facts to Consider

    Here are some researched facts that will help you understand the importance of search engine marketing in your local SEO Austin market and particularly as a form of internet marketing and why having a higher search engine ranking should be of priority to you. Combined research by companies like Google, eConsultancy, Hubspot, MarketingSherpa, Slingshot SEO and SEMPO have over time has found that;

    1. Google currently owns around 70% of the overall search engine market share making the company a monopoly in the industry, despite efforts by other rising search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. It is important to also ensure you rank high on most of the popular search engines as the algorithms of selection vary from company to company. Therefore, you might rank high in one and relatively lower in another.
    2. With about 93% of all online experiences starting with a search engine, over 70% of users online will focus on organic search engine results and ignore the paid ads. This means that more users will trust your site and services if you appear on the search engine results than if you appear as a paid or sponsored ad.
    3. An approximate 75% of traffic on getting their search results, never scroll past the first page. This simply means that being on the first page of the search engine results is your key to attracting more traffic to your site. Even considering your own search experiences, you rarely ever go to the second page of the search engine results.
    4. A study conducted by Outbrain found that the number one driver of traffic to content sites is SEARCH. Search engines beat social media in this sector by over 300%. The search engine industry is currently valued at well over $16 billion. It is therefore evident that it is better to invest in an SEO agency at first as compared to social media marketing. Search engines reach a larger and wider market in comparison.
    5. Another study by Slingshot SEO found that the first result on the search engine takes 18% of all content based traffic, position two takes 10% of the organic clicks and position three takes 7%. This was a similar case for Bing where 9.7% of all organic clicks went to the first site result, 5.5% to the second and around 2.7% to the third. Therefore, it is clearly evident that the higher your ranking, the greater the chances of a user clicking on your site.

    With all that in mind, the importance of search rankings as a result of local Austin SEO techniques cannot be ignored.

    What Makes SEO One of the Best Online Marketing Tools?

    Other forms of online marketing like social media marketing, PPC advertising and buying leads for email marketing programs are relatively more costly as compared to SEO. Generally, social media marketing is great for your image and PPC drives more cash your way, but SEO is still the determining factor for your online presence.

    Local Search Optimization 

    With the increase in mobile bandwidth and even higher amounts of traffic expected to be delivered to mobile devices than to desktops in the coming years, new and more effective SEO techniques have been availed to companies. A good example of this is Local Search Optimization.

    Search Engine Market Share

    Over time, Search engines have grabbed more and more market share as compared to other online trends. As of now, well around 90% of all online customers take into consideration online reviews before making a purchase or signing up for a service. This is a growing trend and with no organic SEO for your business’ site in place, customers will have a hard time finding you and run into your search engine optimized competitors instead.

    Healthy Content Profiles

    With every new update on google and other search engines, the search algorithm is altered and this affects the rankings of sites. This has been as a result of new parameters like social media indicators that impact on your rankings. Therefore an SEO Austin local site will generally be more usable and user-friendly in a bid to meet all requirements for better rankings. Having a Healthy Content Profile will have your business being miles ahead in terms of customer service and other sectors. SEO is therefore more wholesome in its outcomes as compared to other marketing techniques.

    Longevity and Reliability

    Unlike other forms of marketing that become popular and disappear over time such as social media sites like Myspace, SEO link building is not about to stop working any time soon. It is therefore a favorable long term investment. Search engines are under constant development and upgrading making them maintain their relevance. Video and audio searches also ultimately depend on keywords and are thus still subject to SEO techniques. This is great taking that digital media the future on most online traffic.

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