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Ranking results for Houston SEO company

Position #2 and #3 of page 1 in the home improvement niche. Concrete jobs to be specific.  Extremely difficult but we got it done.

SEO Company that helped wedding photographers

Several page 1 positions in the photography niche. 30 days ago they were on page 3 and page 4 of Google, basically nowhere to be found. Wedding photography. Do you want to be on page 1 of Google for photography?

SEO Services in Houston

Position #1 on page 1. This moving company bought 4 more new trucks to take care of their increasing number of jobs in less than 6 months.

SEO Company in Houston

In the 90+ degrees F Houston heat, if your air conditioning breaks, you are in a state of emergency. This AC repair company is position #1 page 1 for all “24 hour AC repair” emergencies.

You can be #1 too in your industry and absolutely just kick butt.

SEO rankings with Johnny Chen Houston

“My name is Johnny and I am the president of Johnny Chen SEO.  I am here to fight for your website search result rankings and I will not stop until we get them.”

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Not all Search Engine Optimization is the same.

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Search Engine Optimization services that work

For your business to succeed, you need to be extremely competitive online.
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Drive Traffic

Today, every person is holding a smart phone and digital technology in the palm of their hands.  Get in front of them and the traffic will naturally come your way.

Enhance Brand Visibility

To be trusted and to be seen, you must get on the first page of Google.  Our job is to place your website on page 1 and make you visible.

Increase Revenue

Revenue is the life blood of all businesses.  Watch as your company grows from new streams of business inquiries from your consumers.

Grow Customer Base

Our Search Engine Optimization services will drive more customers to your website, products, and services than any other online marketing tool.

Done In House

No cutting corners, tricks, or outsourcing.  All work is performed in-house by our team of marketing experts.

Detailed Reporting

We send daily progress and reporting to keep you involved in the battles of internet Search Engine Marketing to make you aware of any changes in the industry.

Highest Search Volume

We aim for the toughest keywords with the highest search volume.  Why?  because we want you to acquire the most customers.

Organic SEO Stays

We service healthy organic SEO that stays throughout the test of time.  Paid advertising disappears as soon as you stop paying.  SEO keeps on bringing you traffic once it is built.

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Sugar Land SEO expert
  • Being on the first page of the search results increases your visibility. Research suggests that about 75%-78% of all traffic never scroll past the first page on getting their search results. With such statistics out there, unless you are on the first page, you are out of the business.
  • SEO has the ability to enhance Brand Credibility in Your Houston Market. Users trust the organic results presented by search engines more than promoted advertisements. If a user sees your site among the first result options, they are automatically convinced that your site is among the best in the relevant sector.
  • Search engine companies like Google are constantly re-inventing and rebranding themselves to maintain their relevance in the rapidly changing internet world. This makes SEO a long term investment. With digital media gaining even more popularity online and accounting for most of the online traffic, SEO has an added advantage as video and audio searches are also dependent on keywords and are therefore still subject to SEO techniques.
  • With the many internet marketing tools in the market, how do you decide the best one to go to? Easy, Ads are being ignored purposely and people trust Organic results.  Therefore, knowing the benefits that come with SEO such as better organic Google rankings, it is best to use SEO services as they stand out immensely.
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